Open Seams

Metal roof panels rarely cover the full length of the building, so designers must install horizontal seams. Horizontal seams are susceptible to water infiltrating the building, but if regularly checked on and repaired, can serve their purpose without issues.

Open Penetration Flashings

As temperatures fluctuate, metal expands and contracts. Over time, the flashings on the penetrated metal of commercial roofs are broken down, resulting in roof leaks. The flashings can be repaired with roofing cement or more flashing material, depending on the extent of the damage.

Metal Roof Oxidation

Most metal roofs are made from multiple materials, including steel, aluminum, tin, copper, and zinc. As a metal roof’s protective coating wears away, the materials in the metal panels are exposed and oxidized. Regular inspection of commercial metal roofs can prevent oxidation and the resulting leakage.

Fastener Backout

Fasteners, such as nails and screws, can be pulled from their positions due to strong winds, blizzards, or below-freezing temperatures. Removing and replacing the screws from commercial metal roofs can prevent roof leakage.

Corroded Flashing

Flashing may be corroded or damaged because of strong winds or fluctuating temperatures. If the pinholes become too large, water may begin to infiltrate the home or building, but roofing cement is a great antidote for the damage. Counterflashing or cap flashing is another way to deal with extreme weather and protect commercial metal roofs. Counterflashing refers to the piece of metal designed to shed water off of the wall.


Most metal roof repair is fairly simple; however, in extreme cases, the roof may need to be replaced. To prevent leakages, oxidation, and corrosion, a biannual inspection of the metal roof system is recommended. All-Weather Waterproofing is a roofing company located in Murray that specializes in commercial maintenance and repairs. They offer consultations and estimates and can contribute to the prevention of flashing corrosion, open penetration flashing, oxidation, and more.